Fusion Belly Dance

The following are Workshop Offerings available from Celeste. To book a workshop with Celeste in your town, contact us!


Dark and Sassy Combos

In this workshop, using some of her signature movements and combos, Celeste will help you find the dark and sassy belly dancer in you! Dark belly dance conveys drama and high intensity emotions (negative AND positive) using belly dance movements as the tools to tell a compelling story. Throughout this exploration of dark themes, Celeste the dancer can still be very sassy!


Movin' Around - Footwork and Use of Stage

For a number of reasons, dancers often end up at one spot on the stage and find it hard to move from there. This workshop will provide tools and concpets to get "unstuck", move around the stage, and alleviate the fear of walking on stage. In addition, you will learn how to customize footwork that flows with the music for any given piece. Adding these items to your dance will create more dynamic pieces.


Graceful Frames - Arms and Hands

Arms and hands are the dancer's best tool at conveying emotions as well as framing movements. They also will help draw the audience's eye to a specific location and tweak the energy flow of a movement. Whether they are stable or doing beautiful patterns, arms need to be purposefully placed in order to deliver the message of your dance as it is intended. In this workshop, Celeste will use exercises designed to improve your ability to control arms and hands to deliver graceful movements that will further enhance your performance.


Details Matter - Adding Drama Through Stillness and Intensity in Dance

Paying attention to the flow of the music, the dancer will need to both match the intensity of the piece as well as the silences that the musician composer has purposefully put in. Holding a pose is extremely hard, especially on stage, yet adding this drama through stillness will bring an unexpected dimension to your performance. Exercises designed to do this efficiently while not losing the audience's interest will be taught. We will also explore micro-movements and ideas for getting out of the pose. In addition, different pieces of music call for different types of intensity: sometimes soft, sometimes harsh, you need to adapt your dancing to what the music is evoking. Learn how to make the moves matter and fit with the pulse of the music for an added oomph to your performance.


Killing Them with Charm - Femme Fatale Stylization

Using stylizations based on Film Noire femmes fatales, Celeste invites you to discover ways to kill your audience with your charm and sensuality and make them beg for more. Drama and mystery will abound in this workshop! Everyone has an inner femme fatale: let's meet yours!


Beyond the Black Eyeliner - Stage Makeup

Tired of looking at your pictures after a performance and feeling like your makeup was bland? Don't know what to apply besides black eyeliner and mascara? After a 2-year quest for better stage makeup, Celeste has learned a number of tips and tricks that make for more interesting makeup and adds to your overall finished look for your performance.


Beyond the Basics of Stage Makeup

You have taken Beyond the Black Eyeliner workshop and/or have been playing with makeup for some time but some techniques still escape you. This workshop will showcase more advanced techniques like applying glitter, tribal markups, etc. Students will be encouraged to send in their questions ahead of time to ensure that their topic of interest is covered.

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